Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Two more

These were the other two blocks that I managed to finish over the last weekend.  I had to redo the centre of this one as it went very wrong.


I4 – Stability


L12 – Sally’s Pride

The only part on this block that took some time was the tiny corner triangles which had to be appliqued.  Note to self: it is easier to use a fabric that doesn’t fray too much, you would think that I would know that by now.


  1. Both blocks are beautiful!
    My gosh... your teeny tiny triangle corners are amazing!

  2. Both blocks are adorable, but the tiny triangles just make me smile.

  3. Your note to self is so cute, Pip! Those tiny trinangles are something else!! Fantastic job. =) Is that a Kaffe print in L-12 by chance?

  4. Two more little jewels ! They are wonderful. You are really closing in on it now.

  5. Lovely. This quilt must be nearing completion? Then the exciting part...putting it all together.

  6. Oh Pip ~ those blocks are beautiful! Great job...........Can't imagine putting all this together:)

  7. great job again Pip. Love the stability one.


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