Sunday, 26 December 2010


I thought there were probably some words in the Kiwi Christmas parody that some people might not know the meaning of so …

Bach – (pronounced batch) a fairly basic style of holiday house, a bach is known as a crib in the South Island of New Zealand.


our Nanna’s bach

Pavlova – a dessert made primarily from egg whites and sugar and apparently named after the ballerina Anna Pavlova.  There is some dispute as to whether the pavlova was invented by New Zealand or Australia.

Paua – a type of shell fish, also called abalone


Tuatara – a reptile native to New Zealand

Kia Ora -  (scroll down to greetings, and click to hear pronunciation) a Maori language greeting, basically equates to Hi

For more detailed information click on the word and for more Kiwi slang see here


  1. Oh, very timely ! We're going to be in NZ in January, both North and South Islands. We are looking forward to learning about the Maori. Have to admit that I thought pavlova originated in Europe...

  2. that bach is fantastic - just the way a beach house should be - not like the monstrosities they build these days.
    As for the pav - well i don't care who invented it, but i'm bloody glad they did ;-)

  3. I'm with Levin on the pav issue. It is just so Christmassy to me. We have had one every day for the last three days. VERY Christmassy!

  4. Thank you so much! I knew what a pavlova and a paua were, but the rest were new to me.


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