Sunday, 5 December 2010

Tired out

This week I seem to have struggled to get any blocks made, I had a few false starts and have managed to make five blocks.  I had a  computer free weekend, so I’ll spend an hour catching up on blogs tomorrow morning.


I11 – Coyote Chase Variation 1

pieced and reverse applique


F11 – On Target

foundation pieced and applique


F10 – Potholder

The first one I made of this block was so lopsided that I ended up making a whole new one, I foundation pieced the outside and appliqued the centre square.

I’m tired, it’s been a long hot weekend, so I’m going to bed to lie under the cool breeze of the fan.


  1. Your blocks are lovely, as always. (I still haven't made any since August!) Your last comment about the weather reminded me that we are around the world from one another. We woke this morning to a light dusting of snow!

  2. The variety of prints and light/dark will really be wonderful. It looks like you are using a different blue fabric for every block... some batiks and some prints? You probably already blogged about fabric selection, sorry if this is a repeat question.

  3. they are lovely blocks.
    it was a hot weekend and i had to rearrange my lounge room so that we could fit the christmas tree in!! yuk. anyway, once the lounge was moved we could turn the air con on which made it more bearable.

  4. It was a tiring hot weekend here too. I am struggling to get anything to go together properly or finish anything at the moment too. (No, really! Everything just seems like a struggle) Here's hoping next week will better! (Or I won't get any Christmas presents done!) Hope you had a lovely sleep under that fan!

  5. I've been behind with reading blogs too..not sure where time is going at the moment. What amazing rain we've been having! The plants love it though, everything is thriving in the humidity and wet.

  6. Beautiful blocks, Pip! Congratulations on all your completed blocks, you're almost done!!!


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