Thursday, 9 December 2010

Storm brewing

I saw these clouds moving in yesterday and raced outside to get a couple of photos.


If I squint at the photo I can see what looks like a face in the centre, can you see it too?


  1. Tuesday night I was in the car at Ascot Park (BBall training!) and saw a similar low cloud rolling in. Literally rolling! It rolled right over me (I had my head stuck out the car window looking up at the cloud.) and when it had gone the big drops of rain started. It was fascinating. But I didn't have my camera with me! Thanks for sharing your photo!

  2. The sky is a never ending source of wonder, and your pictures are a great example. I live in a river valley, and some of our sunsets are amazing.

  3. that was an amazing storm, wasn't it. the kids thought it was so much fun getting saturated and wading through big puddles on the way home from school.
    the rain has made out lawn look spectacular!
    ps - i think i can see the face


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