Friday, 10 December 2010

Nearly into single digits

These two take the completed block count to 159 blocks, just ten blocks to go now.


L6 – Maze of Madness

This block needed a bit of unsewing before I managed to get everything lined up. This picture at the Retrofabulous blog will give you an idea of how small that arrowed square actually is.


K10 – Quandry

This block seemed a bit weird to put together, it is one of the blocks that needs to be mirrored when the pattern is printed out (something I have forgotten to do on a few of the blocks)


  1. Wow! I knew it was close! I am still excited to see it finished. Have you had any thoughts about what you will do with it once it's finished?

  2. I haven't worried too much about mirroring. I doubt that it makes much difference. I love your blocks.

  3. 10 more blocks to go! How exciting. It is going to be so fun to see the finished quilt top come together.

  4. Your Dear Jane blocks are just beautiful. My top has been finished for quite awhile. I just need to baste it and start the quilting. Are your triangles and corners finished, or are you just doing blocks? Love the quote at the bottom of your blog.

  5. How wonderful - only 10 to go ! You are really soldiering on. These are especially pretty blocks. Can't imagine those teensy pieces.

  6. wow - you are almost done!

  7. Both of those blocks look very challenging to assemble!
    You are getting really close now...I'm counting down with you!


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