Monday, 13 December 2010

I’m starting

to feel as if I’m working in a sweatshop now….

just joking, as I’m really enjoying these last few blocks (so far).  These two were really quite easy as it was all paper foundation piecing, they just had a lot of pieces (over 40) which made them fiddly, although I have streamlined the process somewhat compared to when I first started paper foundation piecing.


I2 – Fred’s Square Fair

paper foundation pieced

and this one


L2 – Stephanie’s Snowflake

paper foundation pieced

these two bring the total blocks  up to 163.


  1. They look lovely, but isn't it funny that I don't even remember making the top block?

  2. They have such tiny triangles. I have to agree thought that when you are paper piecing, it doesn't make as much difference as you would think how big the bits are. It's all just sew on the line and flip. Do you have a piece count so far?

  3. Oh my, your triangle piecing is PERFect. After this you can piece anything (if you still have any energy !) You must be really excited to be closing in on the last block.


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