Saturday, 11 December 2010

The final countdown

I am now into single digits, the last block can’t come quickly enough,  although the last few are ones that will take a bit of time.  I think  they were the blocks I picked up, put down and thought “I’ll do them later on”, well later on has arrived.


M9 – Fan Dance

Paper foundation pieced, I would make this one differently next time


H11 –Piercing Rays Variation 2

Pieced and reverse applique


  1. Congratulations on making it to single digits!

  2. Oh my - do keep on and get the last few made before Christmas/New Year's Eve is at all possible. Then you can celebrate all the more.

    You are working with such tiny pieces of fabric, it has all been astounding to see - super thanks for sharing your Dear Jane voyage.

    Sending care and huggles to you, the Mister and darling Cody Cat

  3. The blocks are just beautiful, and I've really loved watching you make them. When I see yours I can't honestly remember how I made them.

  4. Beautiful Pip ~ I can't imagine working with all those tiny pieces! The fabric is beautiful and I really love those little blue flowers. 20 blocks to go ~ AMAZING.

  5. Keep going you're nearly there! Looking forward to seeing it all finished.

  6. These two are lovely colours!

  7. I hope the excitement of the home stretch helps you get through the painful block left at the end. I can see why you "saved" these for later, though they look terrific. I am starting to get excited about seeing the end.

  8. Good on you!! That's an awesome effort. It's been exciting watching you get the blocks finished!


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