Thursday, 23 December 2010

Christmas past

A couple of quite old photos from the family archives.  Although the tree in this photo already looks quite decrepit, I think it was actually quite young when the photo was taken.  It is still in the same pot and looks remarkably similar some 40 plus years later.
I don’t know when this photo (below) was taken, I know it was a different year from the photo above as they are sitting in the same part of the room and the curtains (which I cropped out in this photo) are different.  I quite like this photo, they all look happy. 


  1. i've realised with some sadness that we don't really have photos of christmas past - it would be lovely to look back on.
    i love your photos - and you are right - everyone does look happy in the bottom photo :)
    Merry Christmas Pip

  2. How wonderful to have pictures, of times past, and loved ones..Holidays are an interesting combination of present, with a lot of the past mixed in there. These are great photo's... Merry Christmas Pip!

  3. I just have to add a comment Pip...are the ladies in background, possibly your grandmother and aunt? They look so much alike! Definitely a very happy picture.....and you were soooo "cute"!


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