Wednesday, 15 December 2010

166 and 167

Another two blocks that I enjoyed making.


I13 – Sweet Harmony

paper foundation pieced


J5 – John Jacob’s Windmill

Paper foundation pieced in two parts, following the instructions in That Quilt blog which made this block quite easy. I found the fabric that I used for this block tucked away under all the other fabrics, I wasn’t going to use it as I thought the beige background would overwhelm the blue but it has turned out quite well.


  1. Hi Pip.. have not been around much.. but just wanted to wish you joy for the Christmas season. I keep up with your blogs and they are a great source of joy for me. I love blogging but get my nose into other things and seem to get I am sure you understand. Happy Christmas to you and yours. MARILYN xxxx

  2. I took a squiz at the 'That Quilt' site - it nearly did my head in seeing how to make J5! It must be a great help having a tutorial to follow for the blocks, but my head started spinning! Um, I'd need more than a tutorial...think I'll stick to cross stitch and biscuit making.

    Have a nice day - looks like it's going to be clear, sunny and breezy - just how I like it.

    Cheers - Joolz

  3. You're certianly rushing through them now Pip, must be 'cause the end is near!! The last few are beautiful

  4. What a lot of little pieces in I13. Give yourself a gold star (two of them !) +*+*


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