Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Two more

I seem to be on a bit of a roll now.


G2 – Mohawk Trail

Foundation pieced in strips, trying to line up the middle strips was a tad difficult owing to the bulk in the seams.  The original block appears to have had the same problem. If I was making this again, I would press the seams open to lessen the bulk.


H2 – Jacob Anthony

Foundation pieced and applique, I had worked out a nifty way to avoid the inset seams, (by making the inner block in two halves, putting the triangular edge strips on, then joining the two halves together), but I forgot about it and ended up having to do the inset seams.


  1. You are really getting on with these! More beautiful blocks. I can't wait to see it together

  2. Keep showing your hard work! It's inspiring! :)

  3. Those are amazing!

  4. How wonderful: there are right triangles in one block, and isosceles triangles in the other ! One wonders what Jane Stickle was thinking of when she designed a wonky block like H2, though...

  5. Your blocks always look beautiful, and this one is no exception.

  6. I love the colors & fabrics of these 2 blocks!
    Your finished quilt is going to be AMAZING!

  7. Pip,
    You're practically done! Your work is fantastic. I cannot wait to see the blocks all together.

  8. Great looking blocks.


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