Wednesday, 24 November 2010

I liked this one

so much I had to finish it today, which leaves me with one block left to complete from my current batch, if I can finish that tomorrow, I think I will have three days off to recharge my batteries.
M7 – Junko’s Rose Garden Variation 1
applique and pieced

When I went to applique the centre melons I found that they were slightly too large so I reduced their size a little bit by printing them at 4.25" (instead of the usual 4.5") on the DJ software.


  1. This is a pretty one. I can see why you want to recharge your batteries, you've been doing A LOT of applique.

  2. You are really cranking them out. We can imagine what a pain this must be (perhaps literally)... seems like a ton of fussy applique blocks with leaves. Someone should count the number of "leaf-shaped pieces" in the quilt, it must number in the hundreds.

  3. Gorgeous block, Pip!! I agree, time off to recharge is in order. Enjoy your break.
    All my best,

  4. That is amazing! You have made so many beautiful squares, that would make such beautiful quilts in repitition. A quilt made of this pattern alone would be lovely. Great job Pip!

  5. Pip, your blocks are amazing, I have been studying them for some weeks now - they have me completely fascinated.
    I can't wait to see your new posts each time they appear.
    Have a fabulous week :D


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