Saturday, 9 October 2010

Wagon Wheels

A couple of wagon wheels would have been nice to have with my cup of tea after I finished making this block E11 (Wagon Wheel), it was quite a marathon effort so they would have gone down a treat.

Making this block I had a couple of false starts, I was originally going to make it following these instructions because I didn’t want to applique all the little melons, but as my reverse applique isn’t very good I deviated from the instructions by doing it this way.

I printed the block out on freezer paper, then marked the melons so I could tell which curve would face inwards to the centre of the block.  I then carefully cut them out and ironed them on to the background fabric, I kept the rest of the freezer paper block for using later.


When I do my applique I usually have the freezer paper underneath and use it as a sort of a template, so I pressed the seam allowance under (using a wee bit of fabric glue to hold it down) then just placed them in position on the coloured fabric (again using fabric glue to hold them in place).  I had marked out the shape in pencil previously and just used the freezer paper as a final check.


I stitched my melons down in this sequence, that way if any of them were a little out in their placing then I had a chance to correct a little when I stitched the next four down.  You can just see the pencil lines which I marked for positioning purposes.


the melons all stitched down


I ironed the remaining piece of freezer paper to the coloured fabric (I used a 6” square) and cut it out with 1/4” seam allowances (turned under and glued down),  I then lay it down over the melons (I removed the freezer paper from the melons first) making sure everything was aligned nicely, again I used a bit of fabric glue to hold it in position (you could use pins or baste with thread).  For the corners I just glue basted a small square of background fabric and then stitched it in place.   Once all the stitching was complete, I removed the freezer paper, trimmed all the excess fabric, then I squared the block up and trimmed it to size.


The reverse of the block after I have trimmed all the extra fabric off.



  1. How clever you are Pip, that block is looking lovely. You must have the patience of Job.

  2. Wowie! Such incredible work. This block is worth more than a pat on the back - I hope you celebrated with a good drink and/or chocolate!

  3. Wow Pip~that is one intense block!That one would be sitting in my "waiting to be finished" pile for a bit of time. It came out great.

  4. Great job! It's another one that makes me wonder where in the world she came up with this design!

  5. That worked beautifully! Bet you're glad to have that one done. We linked our readers to your site so they can follow your progress.

  6. That is such a neat and tidily stitched block. Well done!

  7. Another beautiful block Pip. I have done this one and used the same method. I love the blue fabric, very pretty.

  8. I bought a wagon wheel today as a snack for driving home after my weekend away...yum! Great work on your block.

  9. You're good, Pip! That is a gorgeous block!!

  10. Terrific job on this block Pip!
    This one was certainly a LOT of work - but you mastered it beautifully!


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