Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Unlucky for some …

Thirteen that is, both these blocks are the 13th block in their row.  It seemed to take forever to decide how I would make these two blocks but once I had decided how I would attack them, they came together quite well.



First I pieced the four squares of background fabric with a small triangle on each corner, then I joined them together, and then I appliqued the curved pieces to each corner.

IMG_4550  L13

For this block I followed the instructions here, it ended up being quite simple once I had read them through a few times.


  1. wow, you are really cooking. Beautiful job on the applique, love the midnight blue !

  2. I would say that 13 is definately LUCKY for you! Both of these blocks are really beautiful!
    I love the fabrics and the perfect piecing of these!

  3. The blocks are both beautiful. "That Quilt" is a great resource for making the blocks and triangles.

  4. Two beautiful blocks. I think I ended up doing applique on both of these blocks before piecing the four subunits together. I really enjoy applique though.

  5. Those blocks look quite tricky to me! You're doing a great job.

  6. Wow, those are really different...and yes, tricky too ~ Nice job!

  7. The dear Jane blocks are giving you such great experience! You will be a powerhouse piecer at the end of this! Love them both.


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