Thursday, 14 October 2010

Sunny yellow

I planted these Mesembryanthemum on our nature strip a couple of years ago.  They are a type of succulent and another good plant that does well with minimum care and water.  This photo was taken earlier in the morning before the sun had reached them so the flowers are still closed (or asleep).

IMG_4564   asleep

This photo was taken about midday when they had opened up. They make a really stunning display and are visible from quite a distance.  There are a lot of little plants which have grown from little bits that have been knocked off, once they are bigger I will plant them in to a different area of the garden.

IMG_4599 awake

I’ve planted some more plants but in different colours: burgundy, orange, red and pink (at least that is what the labels say).  I’m hoping to achieve a sort of patchwork effect with all the colours, with a bit of luck there may be a few flowers appearing later in summer so I will be able to see if it will work or not.


  1. They look that what they call the 'paper daisy'? I'd never heard of the proper name before. Love the shade of lemon.

  2. Beautiful flowers. They must make a lovely garden display.

  3. This looks like the same flowering succulent that grows all over southern California. We used to call it "iceplant". I never knew the Latin name! It is magical for groundcover.

  4. They should look fantastic! One of my favourite parks in Wynn Vale had an area with all different coloured daisies growing close together. SO pretty! Colour, texture, it had it all.

  5. i remember the pink ones from my childhood - i absolutely loved them. i'm sure your display will look gorgeous.


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