Sunday, 10 October 2010

Something for myself

I felt the need to actually make and finish something this weekend, I didn’t really have any idea about what I would make until I was browsing through the Retrofabulous blog and saw a link to Spun Sugar Quilts for


this Giant Pincushion Sewalong which was held back in July.  All I had to do was check that I had everything required as I didn’t really want to go out and buy anything once I started making it.  The instructions were really clear and it didn’t take long before I had everything cut out and ready to go, then it was just a matter of stitching it all together for a nice, quick finish. The pincushion is definitely a giant one, there is no way it will be getting lost, covered up or misplaced on my sewing table as has happened in the past with my other pincushion


  1. Looks good, and thanks for putting it next to some books to give some perspective as to the size.

  2. Oh I love it....I'm on my way to that blog right now! This would also make a great gift!

  3. You did it! A finish! Well done! Pin cushions are so important too. I love mine. Jess made it for me when she was 15. I fell in love with some similar ones at the patchwork apple and when we came home she just sat down and made me one.

  4. Pip, I love the fabrics you chose for your giant pincushion!! I use mine all the time. May you enjoy yours for years to come.
    Best Wishes & Happy Quilting,

  5. oooh it's pretty. and how nice to make and finish a project so quickly. i like that instant gratification occasionally. your post has reminded me that i bought the gerald durrel book for julian because he loved the movie. i must dig it out and start reading it to him.

  6. Love that paisley fabric, very pretty. Well done, it's good to start and finish something in the same day.

  7. Wow what a great giant pincushion. Thank you for sharing, I will have a look at this blog.

  8. Hi Pip,
    Well done on the pin cushion. I bet you will be enjoying its use for ages!


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