Sunday, 24 October 2010

Production started again

I produced three blocks during the weekend, all sewn on Miss Ruby.  So far I am quite happy with Miss Ruby, although I do have a couple of issues, one of them being the 1/4” foot; the 1/4” seam is a bit  more than a 1/4” which I think is due to the fact that the needle is not centred, once I have that fixed then I think the quarter inch seam problem will be solved. I don’t think the built-in needle threader is as good as the one on my Janome 6260QC but maybe I need to practise a bit more. 


E8   the first block I made on Miss Ruby


F8 – I even remembered to mirror this block so it looks the same as the original


H8 – applique and foundation piecing

I’ve started adding the sashing to the blocks as I complete them, something I should have done from the start, as it is a very boring job to do and I have already found a couple of my earlier blocks need some adjustment as they are a bit skimpy in the seam allowance.  I always leave a bit extra on the outer edges of the block now, much easier to trim back to the desired size than try to add extra on.


  1. Beautiful Blocks Pip!
    Your array of beautiful blue fabrics never cease to amaze me!

  2. Such pretty blocks. It is nice that you have been able to find so many different blues to use.

  3. Your first block in blue has a lot of possibilities to be used as an alternate block.

  4. They are all looking good! Our civil war quilt teacher is always advocating the larger then re-size thing! It was nice to meet you on Saturday!

  5. Wowee....More lovely blocks, and more lovely fabrics. How exciting !

  6. Beautiful blocks by Pip & Miss Ruby! You're quite the pair!! How exciting to be sashing. I've yet to start...still enjoying my much needed DJ vacation.
    Happy Quilting,

  7. Beautiful blocks. Finding the perfect 1/4 inch on a new machine can be a real problem.


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