Wednesday, 6 October 2010


The cooler spring we are having this year has certainly made a difference to the longevity of spring flowers. In previous years, the freesias, anenomes and assorted other spring flowering bulbs have well and truly died off, but this year I am still able to enjoy their fragrance and pick some to bring inside the house.


This Ceanothus is actually overhanging the fence from the neighbours, it makes a lovely display of blue flowers which last a long time, it also has quite a sweet fragrance and the bees certainly love it.


This is a Dutch Iris which I previously had in a pot where it didn’t do very well, so last year I put the bulbs in the garden, I just noticed it yesterday, it looks stunning, if a little lonely, maybe I will order a few more bulbs next year when the catalogues come out.


  1. I love these photos! Yes, I have noticed that everything (garden/plantwise) is just so much prettier this year. I vote we have rain and cooler springs every year!

  2. What an absolutely beautiful color!
    I sure do wish Spring was heading my way......Beautiful pictures Pip...enjoy the beauty, and thanks so much for sharing with all of us!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous flowers, Pip ! Thanks so much for sharing the beauties of nature with us. Also, thanks for the wonderful photos of the Dear Jane blocks. You're making fabulous progress !

    Warm regards,

    from Marina and Daryl

  4. our ranuncs and anenomes have just finished - that warm spell last weekend finished them off. but we are still blessed with some amazing snap dragons which are still blooming beautifully :)
    i love your blue flowers - they are a favourite colour for me.

  5. I was thinking the Dutch Irises would make a lovely display combined with the tulips! Instead of blocks of one colour there would be a splash of colours in one place like a paintbox. My jonquils finished a couple of weeks ago and I miss their sweet scent.


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