Friday, 15 October 2010

The awful weather we had today made it a no-brainer to stay inside and finish this off.  I had partially finished this project back in June 2009, leaving the quilting and binding to be done at some later date.


It has turned out quite well.  I didn’t buy anything extra for this project, even the wadding was pieced together from leftover offcuts, and the binding was some I had made about 20 years ago.  I just need to work out how I will hang it up, but that can wait for another day.


  1. Love it so. Well done on doing something positive during this bleak spekk.

  2. Love it also! Noah's ark...well done!

  3. Doesn't it feel good to strike another project off the list?

  4. wasn't it a horrible day yesterday (with regards to the weather). julian started his cricket season yesterday and we spent an very cold hour out at the oval at 5.30, watching him. brrrr - to think cricket is a summer sport!
    i love your wall hanging - i'm sure it will look great hanging up.

  5. That is such a charming quilt. I also love hearing the different terminology you use, such as 'wadding', where we say 'batting'. ...or 'offcuts'. This just a bit of what makes international communication so rich and interesting.

    AND it looks like now I am able to post directly to you without the problems I was having the other day. Don't know what the problem was...


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