Thursday, 9 September 2010

Week off

While my sister was visiting us last week, I decided to give my Dear Jane a rest for a week or so.  Just as well as we were quite busy.  We went to the show on Saturday making a beeline for the Goyder Pavilion to check out the cookery entries.  I was lucky enough to get two second places for my bread entries and another two seconds for my preserve entries, needless to say I was quite happy with that result.  We spent some time looking at all the other entries, one person had entered at least 28 categories (!!!!!) which in itself is a wonderful effort, to top it off they placed in all of those categories as well.  I can’t even begin to imagine the hard work that went into them all  (actually I think I would rather not even try to imagine it)  

IMG_4434 IMG_4435

I made this block yesterday, I have already use this fabric once but this time I used the wrong side, the colour is less intense and it’s a good way of getting a slightly different look.


I’m hoping to complete block L10 during this week, reading other blog entries about this block it appears to be a real stinker.


  1. A little break is needed sometimes. Congrats on the show wins! Well done!

  2. Congratulations !!! for both your Show achievements and the beautiful Dear Jane block. Well done.

  3. I really love this block, and your fabric. Very well done! Also, congratulations on your winning entries ~ that's wonderful!


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