Thursday, 30 September 2010



  Usually by this time of the year the tulips have died back, but this year because we have had cooler weather they seem to be hanging on for much longer.  I bought some bulbs a couple of years back, which I dutifully chilled for six weeks before planting out, but since then they have been left to their own devices (which seems to be a common theme in my garden),  they usually oblige with a few blooms each year.


As these have been so obliging I might consider planting some more next year as they add a nice touch of colour to the garden and a nice surprise when they come up in spring.


  1. I absolutely love tulips, but so do the deer in our area. I usually just stick to daffodils since nothing eats them!

  2. They're so beautiful. Thanks for sharing the photos with us - I adore tulips!

  3. They are beautiful. I've never tried growing tulips.


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