Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Three done so far this week

I seem to be getting back into the groove of making blocks. As you may notice I have started putting the sashing on each block, it makes sense to add it once the block has been completed and trimmed.  I had planned to do this some time ago, but better late than never.IMG_4538 J9

This one (above) has been sitting around for ages waiting for me to applique the very small melons in the corner, I thought that it seemed quite a nice block without them.


This block is a combination one – applique and piecing.  Thanks to Heather for giving me a few hints for how to attack this block, I’m quite pleased with how it finished up.

IMG_4540 G3

This one is one that I have been putting off, it is all applique, I completed it this afternoon, my hands are sore because of the amount of hand stitching, all I can say is I’m so glad that someone invented freezer paper.


  1. We're enjoying seeing the blocks, and your lovely blue fabric selections; plus the excellent close-up photos. You are making such great progress !

  2. Your blocks look wonderful!
    I especially love J9 with the flower in the center.
    Smart idea sewing on the sashing with each block! :)

  3. I can't imagine making G3 without freezer paper. Whoever figured out how to make it work for applique was a true genius!

  4. Love your blocks, and I think the blue is going to be a gorgeous quilt!

  5. I enjoy seeing blocks.Show us more. I think I might also on my blog

  6. Pip, I'm with you, thank God for freezer paper! I picked 2 giant rolls up on clearance this week, so should be set for life unless of course I attempt another Jane. LOL.
    BEAUTIFUL work!! Gorgeous fabrics, can't wait to see the full top.

    All my best,


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