Monday, 13 September 2010


I had a pottering sort of a day today, I had intended to make a start on another Dear Jane block but the weather was still quite nice so I decided to spend a bit more time weeding in the garden.  I’m glad I did as I finished off the back yard and I’ve even got the raised beds ready so I can plant something during the week.  We just need a load of mulch and I can spread that out and the back yard will be set for summer.


These are the cyclamen I have growing in the back yard, I planted them about 3 years ago and then left them to their own devices, they make a nice splash of colour in late winter, the area they are planted in gets a bit of a baking in summer but it doesn’t seem to have affected them.  They die down once we start getting hotter temperatures, the leaves dry up and you would never know they are there till next spring.


I’m not so happy with these Starflowers (I think that is their common name) I bought them thinking they would be a quite intense blue, but instead they are a washed out pale blue.  However, they are another bulb that doesn’t seem to require anything extra done to them so they will stay in the garden.


  1. Oh my gosh, your flowers are beautiful, and you photograph them to best advantage too. regarding your starfloewrs, I would be ecstatic to have something that was a bit of a disappointment that looked that good in my garden! Yes, definitely a keeper!

    Two things sound odd to my ears... first, getting for 'summer', as we here are getting into autumn here, and you know what comes next!!! And also, cyclamens outdoors. That would NEVER happen here, so apparently your winters are quite mild. They'd never be able to winter over here.
    Have a great day!

  2. Also, is 'pottering' an Australian term, or your own personal one you made up? LOL

  3. I too did lots of "pottering"on the weekend and LOTS of weeding!!! I know what you mean about the star flowers but I agree with you-they spread and are hardy and add some colour. You must feel good about all your jobs you've done:)

  4. Anonymous14/9/10 08:30

    Your flowers are beautiful! Just as ours leave, yours arrive. I will enjoying viewing your pictures in the months to come.

  5. I love your beautiful flowers. Isn't it nice to have some that don't require any extra work?

  6. Your garden is lovely and the starflowers are pretty. Maybe you could try tampering with the ph levels to change the flower colour by adding some lime around a few and see if they go lighter or darker. If they go lighter then go the other way and add a little sulphur to darken them. Lol, even plants are governed by the 'we are what we eat' rule!

  7. The cyclamens are so pretty. They may dry out over your summer, but it is a huge improvement over their corms rotting in damp ground.

    What ajoy to have every spring!

  8. Those cyclamens are beautiful. I've had a couple of pots of them over the years but always loose them. Perhaps I will plant them in the garden next time!


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