Friday, 17 September 2010

New neighbours moving in

We put this nesting box up about six months ago in the hopes of attracting some lorikeets or rosellas to nest as apparently there is a shortage of suitable nesting sites for them.  The last month or so some galahs have been showing a lot of interest in the box and it seems they have decided this box meets their requirements.




They have been spending a fair bit of time chewing around the entrance to the box so we’re hopeful that they are going to stay.


I took these photos through the window ,(which was reasonably clean for once) I think that I had been spotted in this one, although it didn’t seem to worry them as they didn’t take off.


  1. Good work Pip. It looks as if the hole was just a tad too small for them and they have made it larger for an easier fit. I wonder how long it takes for Galah's eggs to hatch?

  2. Beautiful block, and what a beautiful bird.

  3. Great photos. I love galahs and cockatiels.

  4. What beautiful birds! You'll get a lot of enjoyment watching them. Wonderful pictures.


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