Saturday, 11 September 2010

Knocked off Nan

I finished L10 today, (finished is better than perfect)  when I started this block I decided that I would do it in stages over a few days and it seemed to work, I didn’t get frustrated with it at all.


After I had finished with L10 I made one block with my new Curve Master presser foot, I need a bit more practice but the foot made it very easy, no pinning, no measuring, just place the two pieces together and start sewing.  Heather of Retro-fabulous mentioned it in this post, and after seeing the video of it in action, I thought it would be excellent for some of the curved Dear Jane blocks.

IMG_4464  IMG_4465

I bought my foot from OzQuilts, I must say the service was excellent, I placed my order on Thursday afternoon and received it on Friday morning.  Needless to say I couldn’t resist getting some fat quarters as well only $3 per fat quarter from their Fat Quarter Shop, a very reasonable price if you ask me.


  1. Anonymous11/9/10 19:47

    Nice job, but that Nasty Nan makes me dizzy looking at it. Quite a challenge for sure, and you did it!!!

  2. Hi Pip

    The symmetry in the L10 block is very good - geez, considering how many pieces of material are involved. That would have done my head in!
    Yes, I am packing all sorts of clothes as we have a day/night in Dubai (and it could be 48C) and also 2 nights in Singapore on the way home (hot and steamy). I am not a cold frog so usually one layer plus a jacket is enough for me. Getting very excited but have to get through a wedding, a 21st and a 60th Birthday before we head off on 29th!

    Cheers - Joolz

  3. Now I know why you called it Nasty Nan. It is quite nasty looking. You are a much better woman than I.

  4. Nan looks great, but what a little devil to make. I also took 3 days to make - just little bits at a time so I wouldn't get too stressed.

  5. wondered what you were doing when I saw the title of this post....I thought poor Nan!! LOL.....seeing the blocks for DJ just reminds me why I am not doing've done a great job with this block!

  6. wow this one is something - looks very difficult, you did a very good job there.

  7. I'm amazed at the skill involved in these blocks and your persistence - i would have thrown them aside a long time ago.
    good to hear someone else can't resist the odd fat quarter or two....

  8. Pip, I don't know anyone who enjoyed nan. LOL It is a little bugger. Yours looks fantastic!!


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