Thursday, 16 September 2010

Couple of blocks

I still haven’t managed to get back into the swing of making blocks but this weekend I will be devoting a large piece of my time to Dear Jane, I have 65 blocks left to make so I’m hoping to make a bit of a dent in that number.





Both these blocks didn’t take much time to put together, I still have a few of the more complicated blocks to make but I don’t plan on making them this weekend.  I’ve decided to save about five of the less complicated blocks till last, that way I will have no excuse not to finish the quilt in a timely manner.


  1. I love that sun block. The felt I got is from an australian seller so cheap postage too! Its realy great, its going to be my go to felt shop from now on

  2. They look lovely. I haven't made a tariangle in 2 weeks! I need to get back to it. You're making great progress.

  3. Oh! I love I8. Beautiful and beautifully done!

  4. Fantastic work, Pip. Love the fabrics you chose, the contrast is wonderful!! Have fun whipping all those blocks up this weekend...we'll be waiting for your updates.

  5. That first one is reminiscent of a mosaic tile block. The blue and white color scheme is beautiful. This is going to be a stunner !

  6. Great blocks. The darker colors give such nice contrast, very nice when a block has taken quite a bit of effort.

  7. Anonymous17/9/10 17:09

    Your blocks are beautiful! Good luck on your progress this weekend.

  8. Pip - you have come a LONG way on your Dear Jane! I'm happy for you that you are SO close to finishing your blocks!
    I've been away the past 2 weeks & trying to catch up on your blog today. All of your blocks are beautiful!
    (love the pictures of your birdhouse & it's new occupants too)


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