Monday, 23 August 2010

Stiff and a bit sore today

because I spent quite a bit of time in the front yard weeding the garden.  It was nice and sunny yesterday and although I really wanted to spend the day sewing I felt guilty after I had received an email from Lorraine in reply to a comment I had made on her blog regarding weeding versus sewing.  I achieved a fair bit but still have more to do, but as it is raining now there is no chance of it being done today, so today I sew.


This is a small euphorbia which I have been growing, I got it as a very small seedling from a place that shall remain nameless (suffice to say that taking cuttings or seedlings is frowned upon there) I actually thought it was a different sort of euphorbia like this one here,  but now that it has achieved some growth I can see that it is not.  I know that the euphorbia that I have is regarded as invasive now so I shall be pulling it out before it has a chance to set any seeds.


In an effort to get myself organised before the Royal Show (12 days to go) I made these labels for the preserves that I intend entering. I can’t do calligraphy so I printed out the text for the labels and then put the label sheet over the top and traced over the text, they came out rather well I think.


  1. What an interesting and beautiful plant....and weeding, is a necessary evil, unfortunately. There are always the things we "want to do", and those we "need to do". Your labels look lovely Pip, very nice printing.

  2. Everyone here is very excited for the Royal Show! There's a countdown going on and the guides are being perused and plans made. I love your labels and will be looking out for your entries! (I did last year!) Good luck with it all!

  3. I "guilted" you into the garden!! I spent yesterday in the sewing room..and wasn't the weather perfect for it! and the weather on Sunday was perfect for weeding...must admit I "pulled up" a little bit stiff and sore yesterday! Your lables look great - good luck with your show entries...I haven't been to the show in years....not sure I will get there this year either!


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