Sunday, 1 August 2010


I made this block during the weekend, not from EQ7 but one I saw in an old copy of Down Under Quilts which I kept going back to and thinking about.  The colours in the picture aren’t very accurate as the outer border is actually a dark purple and the inner border is purple as well.  Not sure if I’m finished with this yet, I may just put another border around it, quite enjoyable to make but it is a pain taking out all the foundation paper.


This is the anenome bud that was very tightly shut just a few days ago, another couple of days and it will be out fully.  The colour in this picture has come out true to life, I wonder if it is the light (or the lack of, because it was quite overcast) that has helped.



  1. That's an outstanding block. The anemone is so pretty now, but I know they're gorgeous when open.

  2. Ooooo Pip.....loving that block....I am so challenged when it comes to foundation piecing!

  3. Your paper-pieced quilt looks wonderful! A nice change of pace I bet from Jane ;)

    That emerging blossom is just GORGEOUS! So is your photography!

  4. It's strange how colour turns out in photos. I took a photo of a Christmas quilt and put it on my blog. When Jess came over and saw it in real life she was taken aback cause the colours looked so different.

  5. Anonymous2/8/10 10:47

    I'm not a crafter, just a curious old man. My daughter is a crowshayer (of course that previous word is mispelled), a knitter, and a quilter. She has lived across the street from me for twenty-one years and recently moved off. I guess I've got empty nest syndrome again.

    I wanted to asked, what's a maine coon cat?


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