Monday, 2 August 2010

Old photos

Every now and then I make an attempt to sort some of my photos into named folders and put captions on each photo in the hope that I can create a bit of organisation to my photos, it usually ends up as organised  chaos.  These are some I came across while I was doing this the other day, they bring back some good memories.


Gotcha* on his 6th birthday, waiting patiently for the magic word, (which was OK) so he can eat his “cake” – a concoction of cooked rice, mince, garlic, parsley and mixed vegetables with carrot candles.

pip gotcha

me with Gotcha (can you tell I’m not very impressed at having my photo taken)


We like to call this photo Osama bin Gotcha, he had just had a bath and after the bath he liked to run around and shake the water off, the trouble was he used to shake his head so hard that his ears would flap together which would make the tips bleed, so we used to wrap a towel around his head to keep his ears still.  You can tell that he wasn’t too happy with the headdress.

* If anyone is wondering about the name Gotcha – his pedigree name was Alldobe Caught in the act hence Gotcha


  1. Well that takes the cake!(pardon the pun!) I've never seen a doggy birthday cake before. Bet Gotcha thought it was pretty good!

    Joolz :)

  2. What a beautiful dog, and so well trained. I love the last picture!

  3. Anonymous3/8/10 05:42

    Gotcha is gorgeous and so well trained, mine only waits until the food hits the ground before chowing down!

    Such poignant memories - I love his headdress! LOL

  4. What a beatiful dog ~ I had a Vizsla that looked similar ~ Oscar. Nice pictures!

  5. Well Pip, I have been doing exactly the same thing, sorting out old photos and cam across one of my faithful old Patches (and me) when she was a pup, only yesterday. We had 2 dogs but sadly both have now gone to doggie heaven.
    Love your pictures.
    PS Veri word bacon !!

  6. Pip, love the cake idea for Gotcha. I'll have to do something similar for our dog one of these days.


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