Tuesday, 24 August 2010

A nice amount of sewing got done yesterday and as more rain is predicted for the rest of the week, I’m anticipating more sewing.  I’m getting closer to 100 blocks so I want to make a big effort to get there also my sister Jenny (waving hello) is visiting next week so we’ll probably be doing other things.


the latest crop of Dear Jane blocks

IMG_4416  a sneak peek of something that I have been working on

more sneak peeks tomorrow……


  1. Like them all but upper right is very striking ~ nice job. Interesting sneak peak. Love the green and white, but I am assuming that is being used to cover up something else....or maybe not. I will definitely check back tomorrow.....

  2. Love the latest blocks, and can't wait for another peek at your latest project.

  3. Great blocks, Pip and I'm intrigued by the green white fabric sneak peek. LOVE the fabric and will do my best to wait patiently. =)


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