Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Good weather for soup

Today it is cold, raining and miserable, just the type of weather to have soup for lunch so I’m making Beer Soup, or at least that is what it is called in the recipe, it might just as well be called Carrot, Onion and Cream Cheese soup, or Cheese and Beer soup because those are some of the ingredients in the soup. 

2 large carrots (peeled)           2 large onions (peeled)

35g butter with a slurp of olive oil (to stop it burning)

1/4 cup flour             2 c water           2 tsp chicken stock powder  (or 2 cup chicken stock)

250g cream cheese                1 stubby of lager (375ml)

chopped parsley or coriander

Chop or grate the carrots and onions finely (I whizzed them up in the food processor), melt the butter and oil in a large saucepan, add the chopped carrots and onions and cook over low heat until they are very soft and very lightly browned.  (I usually put the lid on for a while to generate some steam and this helps them to soften better)  It will take about 10-15 minutes.  Add the flour to the cooked carrot and onion and stir well, keep cooking  and stirring on low heat for about another 5 minutes to ensure the flour is cooked through.  Add the water and the chicken stock powder (or chicken stock), stir over gentle heat until mixture boils and thickens, I usually cook for another 5 minutes after this, stirring to make sure the mixture doesn’t stick.  If you have a stick blender then you can now blend the mixture to a smooth puree, otherwise cool the mixture slightly and blend in a food processor or blender, then tip back into the pan. Put the cream cheese and beer into the food processor and blend till they form a smooth mixture (or put into a tall jug and use your stick blender) pour this into the vegetable puree in the saucepan and stir to combine.  Reheat gently before serving. Check for seasoning, you may need to add salt if you used home made chicken stock.  Serve topped with finely chopped parsley or coriander leaves.


This soup doesn’t really taste of beer, it has a sort of a vague vegemite taste, due I suppose to the yeast in the beer, but don’t let that put you off trying, it tastes really nice. I haven’t done any experimenting with this soup so I don’t know if it would work with any other cheese, in one of my recipe books there is a similar recipe but it uses milk instead of water and erbo (similar to gorgonzola) instead of cream cheese, I also have recipes for other beer soups but they don’t have vegetables included.  The original reason I made this soup was because I wanted to see what it tasted like and as we have a few stubbies of beer which have gone past their use by date it seems a good way to utilise it (The Mister doesn’t drink any more and I only have the occasional glass of wine) instead of tipping it out and of course we get 10c back from the bottle when we recycle it.


  1. Hmm, a strange soup, not one I've heard of before.
    I can't believe SA is the only state that has 10c bottle deposits. I have a stack of stubbies, cans and soft drink bottles to go to our recyclers - I usually get about $30 back so it is worth the 2km drive.
    Keep warm up there,

    Cheers - Joolz

  2. PERFECT weather for soup! Mmmm, I can almost smell it!

  3. yes deffinately soup weather, ive been living off pumkin soup lately (which i kind of have to i suppose, I made a whole pumkin worth and then remembered that benny doesnt like pumkins lol:) Beer soup sounds interesting and i LOVE vegemite so may have to give it a try!
    Cut pics of your dog in the last post, I love the cake you made him!


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