Friday, 27 August 2010

A gem way ivy

Finally the wait is over and all is revealed.  Are you any good at anagrams??

(Hint: there are two words, m-  g-----y)  well, a gem way ivy is to celebrate a couple of milestones, namely,

  • completing 100 of my Dear Jane quilt blocks and
  • blogging over 400 posts

so I will be offering three prizes:


1.   a felt scissor keeper (complete with a pair of scissoroos), a felt pincushion and a bundle of fat eighths


2.  a fabric covered journal, 4 fat eighths and a bag of assorted buttons and beads from my stash



3.  an apron, a knitted dishcloth, 2 organic cotton produce bags from The Ethicurean and a fabric lunch bag made from a pattern in this book to hold it all.

So if you would like to enter my giveaway, simply leave a comment on this post, telling me why you visit my blog, and stating whether you would prefer 1,2 or 3 before midnight Tuesday 31 August  (one comment per person please).  Now is the time for all you lurkers to take the bold step and make a comment.  The winners will be drawn via a Random Number Generator and I will reveal them on Thursday 2 September.


  1. What a lovely giveaway! I don't remember exactly where I got the link to your blog, but it was somewhere in DJ land. Anyway, all of your work is very appealing to me so that's kept me coming back to visit.

  2. How nice of you to celebrate your DJ achievement in this way! I read your blog because I am following the DJ list and think that your DJ blocks are delightful. In the advent that I should win, I would prefer prize #2, but I would be happy with any of them.

    Bev in TX

  3. Ohh, pretty. Please put me in.

    Kind Regards

  4. Oh Pip....I never thought of this! What a wonderful idea, but make a choice? Wow, very difficult....and then again, personal favorite is #1. I love the colors, felting, stitching, and buttons...absolutely love it! I'll keep my fingers crossed, with the others.....great idea and much fun!

  5. Hi Pip, I read your blog 'cause I like watching your blocks grow and I just love to see what different ingredients you use in your baking.
    I would love to win either no 1 or no. 2.......I can't really choose between them.

  6. Pip,

    I have always loved your name and my youngest is proudly Pip.

    Personally I fell in love with option one. It is beautiful and the handwork is a treasure. Having said that all the options are incredible.

    One hundred Dear Jane blocks equals one huge achievement. I hope you are justifiably pleased with this milestone. Keep up the amazing effort.

  7. Hi Pip I'm your follower because you inspire me, I love your DJ and I'm very excited to see it grow.

    How clever of you to offer these wonderful gifts. I do not prefer one from another,
    I love them all:-)

  8. Pip, Congratulations on your 100th block!!! What a milestone!

    I adore your blog because I enjoy watching your progress on the Dear Jane, your fabric choices and seeing what else you are up to----a lot these days!

    All your prizes are wonderful! I love your fabric choices & your clever label in #3....though you know I love pincushions...and buttons LOL. See? They are all great!

    Best Wishes & Happy JUBILEE Quilting,

  9. Pip; just saw your blog address in a mailing of DJ for the first time so thought I would stop by. I would love to win prize #1. Thank you. Such a lovely blog.

  10. I read your comment on the Dear Jane List and just had to visit to take a look at your blog I am glad I did love your blocks and so many of them like you I enjoy cooking/baking I will be visiting you often.What lovely givaways If I am lucky enough to be picked I would love choice two but they are all lovely.
    have a good day

  11. Congrats Pip on doing 100 blocks of the DJ quilt.:) Gosh its a toss up between prize 1 or prize 2 or prize 3....well actually all of them.....

    So I pick....prize 2 no prize 1 prize 3 as I love

    gee I don't know.....uummm....can I phone a friend..... or pluck the duck????

    Okay I choose prize 1.


  12. Hi Pip......lovely giveaway gifties...won't make a choice...would be happy with any of them...! I love to follow your DJ progress because I am in awe of anyone making those blocks! enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  13. I love visiting your blog not only for your wonderful quilting/sewing projects, but also for your gardening items, as well as your recipes and great pictures! You're a talented lady! I haven't been on much this summer with a hectic gardening seasons around here. But I'll be back full force soon!
    Oh, my choice would be either #1 or #2, but all are lovely!!! I love the fact that the scissoroos would remind me of you and the fact that you are from Australia.

  14. what a fun posting. Like everyone, all options are winners. But I guess I like 3 best, or maybe.... I am a beginner in this blogging and in quilting, yours offers both. Thanks for includiung us all.

  15. hi pip
    congratulations on the 400 posts and the finishing of the dear jane blocks. what a mammoth task! i can't wait to see the finished result.

    the reason i follow and read you was initially because you are a fellow adelaidian but now i just follow you because i love reading your blog and seeing what you are up to.

    if i were to win i would love either number one or number three.

    goodluck finishing the dear jane quilt!
    oh and enjoy the sunshine over the next few days - it's not set to last long :(

  16. Wow - 100 DJ blocks is fabulous. I'm a failed Janer - I think I got to 9, and love watching people who are doing it properly. I found your blog through Chookyblue's comments a while ago, and have enjoyed it ever since.
    I would choose pack 1, since I love scissoroos, and gave away my pair.

  17. I follow along because i love seing your sewing and gardening and i enjoy your writing. You have an all round beautiful blog and i always enjoy stopping by to see what youv'e been up to. Id love to win 1 or 3

  18. Hi Pip!
    Congratulations on reaching 100 DJ blocks! I'm really happy for your accomplishment!
    I follow your blog because you are very creative & talented. I love your amazing photography! Learning all about your baking, cheesemaking, quilting and Dear Jane keeps me very inspired!


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