Friday, 20 August 2010

Doesn’t time fly …

I started this post a week or so ago when I was tidying up my sewing room and that was as far as it went.  My sewing room is quite tidy now although there are still a couple of areas which need some attention.


Then I had a couple of books which I had to finish so that took some time as well.   I finished these three Dear Jane blocks and I realised that I am just over halfway through all the blocks, a great feeling especially as I have done all the triangles and the corner blocks.


I posted off the blocks that I made in this post and this post to Heather at Retro-fabulous today.  Back in July Heather wrote about donating some blocks for RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program) for their block collection, some of the donated blocks will be made into a fundraiser quilt and the remainder will be made into lap quilts for the elderly.  If anyone wants to make a block to donate you can hop over the Heather’s blog here for more information.


  1. Your sewing room looks just as it should. I like the bottom one of these 3 blocks the best, very pretty.

  2. I have missed you Pip! Have you been cleaning your sewing room all this time? I just keep ignoring mine!!!

  3. They look great Pip. I am thinking of starting mine again from scratch. Not real happy with the seeded homespun I picked out....I have a lovely leafy cream/beige colour I want to use as a background fabric.

  4. Pip, lovely Jane blocks! You've been very busy these days.

    Thank you so much for posting about the RSVP block collection.

    All my best,


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