Monday, 9 August 2010

Chewy and fudgy…

Look away now Joolz…



Last night while checking out the blogs in my reader I came across a recipe here for a fantastic, chewy chocolate brownie.  A lot of brownies are quite gooey and while I quite like them I really prefer the more chewy style.  I think it goes back to my childhood when I used to make something similar called chocolate fudge pie, I can remember baking them in small pie tins, turning them out while they were still warm then eating them with vanilla ice cream.







Once I had seen the recipe I had to make it right then and there, I knew that I already had all the ingredients (I didn’t have chocolate pellets but I had chocolate) in the pantry so I set to, it didn’t take very long to mix up, it would have been quicker but I had to chop the chocolate up.  While it was baking away the Mister came in and asked me what the burning smell was, it was the brownie but it wasn’t burning, I had to cook it longer in my oven and then I took it outside so it would cool down quickly.  We had a small piece (well, actually two pieces) late last night while we were watching Talkin' 'bout your generation and The Good Wife which I had recorded earlier. (I record programmes so we can fast-forward through the ads) 


  1. Ha ha, thanks for thinking of my wellbeing as I try this Healthy Eating Plan! There is a recipe in Annette's book for a choc mint squares that I may make later in the week if I feel like something sweet. I tend more towards savoury so I'll see how I go.

    Cheers - Joolz

    PS - it looks deeeeeeelicious! :)

  2. Not FAIR!

    Why did I have to go and read this post right before I head off to bed???

    Now I'm going to be dreaming of chocolate all night :-(

    (gosh darn, there goes the diet again!)

  3. I love brownies and also prfer the chewy kind. I haven't made any for awhile, because I always eat too much!

  4. Pip, I saw your picture in the reader and immediately my mouth began to water....mmmm lucious looking treats!!

  5. Anonymous10/8/10 17:23

    They look so yummy!!! Might have to find my recipe for chocolate slice now.....

  6. Oh my gosh...they look so GOOD!
    Now you have me craving brownies! lol


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