Saturday, 7 August 2010

A busy sort of day today

This morning I went to a Cheese making class and learnt how to make feta cheese, it was a three and a half hour course,  the cheese making itself actually takes very little time, most of the time was spent waiting for the milk to incubate and set.  It took about one and a half hours for us to get to the stage in this picture.


While we were waiting for the milk to incubate the teacher went through the cheese making in more detail and we also were able to sample various cheeses which helped ensure the time flew.  Before long we were scooping the curds into the little baskets which had been lined with chux cloth, then it was just a matter of leaving them to drain, turning them, and draining some more before the class was finished.  We were able to pop the little baskets into containers and put them into our eskies (coolers) and take them home where they will finish draining and tomorrow morning I will soak the cheese in a brine solution and then drain and chill it and perhaps have a tasting in the afternoon.


I now have a better appreciation of how cheese is made.  In the class we used 4 litres of milk each and we will end up with about 400g of cheese which when you think about it, is not a very high yield.  You also get about 2-3 litres of whey from the cheese making process, this is not wasted as you can make ricotta from it or drink it or use it in baking which is what I intend to do. 


Not content with making cheese, once I got home I decided to make a carrot cake, which did not turn out particularly well.  Suffice to say that even though I thought the cake had cooked enough and the cake tester came out clean, the cake was not cooked through, so I ended up putting it back in the tin and cooking it some more.  Cream cheese icing came to the rescue and the cake looks quite good (and tastes good as well)


  1. Wow! Cheese making! So impressed. You must let us know how your feta tasted. I looove feta!

  2. Cheese fabulous. One of my favourite foods! Will you now need to buy a cow?

  3. I really enjoy making cheese but as you said with the yields, particularly because I have to use goats milk round here, it very quickly becomes a very expensive little hobby do I don't do much of it.

    It's amazing what a good icing can save. :-D

    Kind Regards

  4. What an interesting class that would be. I've been to an Amish cheese factory and was amazed to watch process. Carrot cake is always a nice way to end the day!

  5. Very interesting! I tried to make mozzarella last year, several times, and never mastered it. I'm sure it helps to go to a class. It was fun, but the end result didn't look the way it should. One of these days I'll try a class. Thanks for sharing.

  6. It's such an education to actually learn how to make cheese, isn't it? It makes me realise how much these things are just taken for granted in our society, and how many "little jobs" are taken care of en masse by other people we never even meet or know.

    And carrot cake...yum! matter how it turns out!

  7. Oh awesome, making cheese is definately on my 'must learn that one day' list! Sounds like a great class

  8. Cheese making on the list now, Pip!? You are incredibly talented.

    I hadn't tried carrot cake until I turned 30 when a co-worker insisted I have some for my birthday. She knew I'd just love it....mmmm delish! What it looks like rarely matters. Cream cheese icing? DECADENT.

    Looks fantastic! And I'm having a sudden taste for...carrot cake, imagine that. =)

  9. I LOVE carrot cake and your's looks SO delicious! YUMMM

    I think it's wonderful that you signed up for a Cheese class! I've always been fascinated with this topic. With all the culinary skills you have - this is one more I'm sure you will excel in! Congratulations!


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