Sunday, 8 August 2010


Two more blocks that I made recently, the first one (Maple Leaf) is the same as this one here but I have used my colours differently.


and the second one was a combination of the block above and another block (Frayed Sawtooth Star).  I happened to lay the Frayed Sawtooth Start block in the centre of the block above and thought that it looked quite good, so I just added the outside bits on to it.



  1. Pip,
    Your blocks are gorgeous!

    I printed a block twice this week because it looked so strange in a giant size (compared to Jane blocks). I feel like I need a refresher for regular sized blocks!

    But, that'll have to wait....
    off to get some more tiny DJs done.

    Best Wishes,
    Heather =)

  2. Gosh Pip those are lovely blocks:D Well done:)

  3. The blocks are just beautiful, and your workmanship is wonderful. Can't wait to see what you're planning for these lovely pieces.

  4. These blocks are really great!
    I really like your fabric choices and the way you pieced them!

  5. Absolutely PERFECT!

  6. I just love the geometric pattern of these blocks. Beautiful.


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