Wednesday, 14 July 2010

With the Royal Adelaide show coming up in September, I need to get back into the rhythm of bread making, so yesterday I made a couple of loaves.  I’ve decided to tweak my recipe a bit and also make a smaller amount so that instead of two ginormous loaves that take ages to eat up, I’ll make two smaller size loaves so that one can be eaten fresh and the other gets used up in the next day or so.
The other benefit of a smaller amount is that the kneading is easier for me, I used to use my Kenwood to do the kneading until I read the instruction book and found that I was overloading it, so now I knead by hand.  I find it quite relaxing standing there kneading the bread, especially when I listen to music, then it seems to take no time at all.
This delivery from the fabric fairy arrived in the mail yesterday, I think that most if not all of these will be making their way into my Dear Jane quilt, in fact I already have blocks in mind for a couple of them.  Usually I just grab a piece of fabric and make the block, but some of the blocks call out for a certain print or a fussy cut to be used on them.


  1. The bread looks wonderful - I love homemade bread. After a previous post of yours that mentioned friands, I looked them up because I'd never heard of them. They sound delicious.

  2. That bread looks so yummy! Oh to have half your talent Pip x

  3. That bread looks wonderful Pip. I just got some sourdough starter from the King Arthur Flour Company in Vermont the other day, and it is bubbling in a bowl on the counter until I can get to baking this weekend. I understand the smaller loaf baking, as I usually freeze or give away half of what I make, as there is just the two of us....and... it is a pleasure seeing you put together, what I wish I had the time and energy to do. Great triangles and absolutely love the blues and whites! Keep up the good work~!

  4. I love blocks that are fussy cut. They just look so special. I like your fabric fairy!!!

  5. mmmmm - the bread looks yummy. As so the fabrics...there's nothing better than parcels in the mail ;-)


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