Sunday, 25 July 2010

Some email I received this morning ….

I rarely receive spam in my inbox, Gmail has a very efficient filter and sends it straight to a separate folder, I check it every so often just in case something has slipped through.  Sometimes the spam is good for a laugh, but more often it is of the Viagra variety.  Lately though I have been getting a few of the emails that tell me I have inherited immense sums of money (I wish)  but this one from this morning was a bit different so I thought I would share it with you all and maybe you will get a laugh as well.

I am lovely Juliana, i drop at your profile  I love what i saw there, i believe we can get acquainted if it interest you get back to me and more, i am cute, Accommodate, caring, Affectionate and very lively, I am of the school of thought that believes in the maxim that says It is good to love And be Loved. Love should be sharing, True, Honest and caring.

I need a man who posses all this Attributes and Qualities. I have all the Qualities that a man desires and Craves in a woman. You can contact me direct to my email address here for me to send you my pictures ok, Please contact me direct to my private Email

I’m still laughing …….


  1. What a hoot!! I also look at my spam folder periodically just to be sure that an email wasn't sent there in error.

  2. Hehehe...oh dear.....are we going to loose you to this romantic offer.....ROTFPIMP

  3. Very funny! Make you cringe to think there are people who would reply to her, though.

    I have been rejecting comments from Asian girls (Japanese, I think) who who have websites showing bare boobs and sexy expressions on their faces etc. Erk! Do you get them also?

    Cheers - Joolz

  4. Well, well. Such an offer! Most of my spam is for businesses in the US in a medium sized town. I thought it was weird that it was all for the same place. I googled me and found there is someone with my name living in that town. I guess they think I'm her.

  5. OOOh la la! laughing hysterically!!


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