Thursday, 1 July 2010


I took a quick tour round my garden to see how everything had coped after the huge amount of rain (57mm) that we had a couple of days ago.  Some plants looked a bit bedraggled but in general everything looked quite good for this time of year.


I noticed that the rhubarb was thriving so I thought I would pull a few stalks from my two plants.  About two years ago I planted one plant which didn’t really thrive despite my loving care.  Then in November of last year I went to an open garden in our local area and was talking to the garden owner who had her rhubarb planted in pots, so I decided that I would try my rhubarb in a pot.  The rhubarb really took off so was obviously happy in a pot, so I bought another crown which is now about the same size as the first one.   I’m thinking about getting another two plants which should then be enough to give us a good supply of rhubarb.


  1. Oh that rain! Gus & I made the trip to Adelaide in two Land Rover Defenders, leaving here at 4pm and didn't get to Adel until 8.30ish. A very hairy trip, passing lots of big semi trailers and B-doubles, blowing us all over the road! It rained non-stop all the way and at times we were reduced to 70kph. We left Adel Tuesday arvo at 2.30pm and had a similar trip home (but in one old, ricketty Defender, this time). Our tanks runneth over (wish I could catch the overflow!) and everything is soggy.

    Rhubarb and Apple crumble on the menu?

    Cheers - Joolz

  2. Such healthy looking and beautifully pink stems. My first choice would be rhubarb crumble too.


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