Sunday, 11 July 2010

Powerless ……

We woke on Saturday morning to widespread power outages in Adelaide, courtesy of the wild, stormy weather that had come through late Friday night.  It was quite tempting to stay in the warm bed until the power came back on but we dragged ourselves out of bed and got the fire going before having breakfast and then settled back and read the paper in the warmth of the fire.


Luckily for us the power came on after a couple of hours, although there were people in Adelaide who were still without power late last night. 



I managed to finish a couple of triangles this weekend.  For the one pictured above, I did the applique on a separate piece of fabric, then paper foundation pieced the top part of the triangle before joining them together then I trimmed it to size.  For a triangle like this it is easier to do the applique on a larger piece of fabric and then cut it to size.

IMG_4228  LS4 and BR4


  1. ah yes, wild weather over the weekend, we were camping in a tent! I was sure it was going to blow over in the middle of the night. nice triangles

  2. You so put me to shame with all your DJ blocks.....your so good...I'll soon hope to be able to get back into making DJ blocks:)

    Oh we didn't loose any power where we live, those winds sure were strong too.

  3. Your blocks look so good. I also do the work on a larger piece and then cut the triangle. Thank goodness for the triangle ruler!

  4. We had a blackout, but the power was on before we got up. Hmm.... Maybe we got up later than you did? Lol! Probably!

  5. Your triangle blocks look terrific!
    You are a pro at these! Glad to hear the power came back on fairly quick!


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