Saturday, 17 July 2010

My blogging has been a bit sparse this week and now the internet is really slooow because we have exceeded our internet usage allowance, so our ISP has slowed the speed of our downloads, there are only a couple of days till the end of the cycle and then it will be back to normal.  It does make for slightly frustrating browsing when things take a long time to download.  When did we get to be so impatient?  My mother is on dial-up and that is really slow so I can’t really complain. 


This book came in the mail on Friday, I entered a giveaway at Quilt Inspiration a couple of weeks ago so you can imagine my surprise when an email came telling me that I had won a book!!!  There are a lot of good ideas in this book and I can see that a diamond quilt will be coming up sometime in the future.  I came across this blog a couple of months ago when I had an email from the Dear Jane mailing list with a link to this post which has some absolutely beautiful photos of Dear Jane quilts.

IMG_4244  D8

I finished this block today, I started it about 2 weeks ago and had done three diamonds then I got fed up with it so I put it aside while I did triangles, today it was time to finish it.  I think it looks better in real life than in the photo, at least I can see that my appliqué is getting better.


  1. Pip - all applique' blocks like these are the most time consuming to finish...I think D8 turned out lovely!

    Congrats on winning that book on Diamond quilts. Look forward to seeing a future quilt inspired by it ;)

  2. Anonymous18/7/10 10:21

    Congratulations on another beautiful block!

  3. Thanks for linking to all those other Dear Jane quilts - it always helps to get a feel of the history of a quilt and I have a new appreciation of the mammoth task that this quilt is. Will you hand quilt it or have it machine quilted in some delicious swirly patterns?


  4. Congrats on winning the book:)

  5. Congratulations Pip on winning the book - wow it looks good. Your block D8 is a beauty I love the color and your appliqué is very good.

  6. Congratulations, Pip! This must be your lucky year for contests.

    Your block is lovely, as always.

    Happy Quilting,


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