Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Legs 11

I’m having a triangle week, and the rate I am going I might just finish the rest of them inside of two weeks, (fingers crossed anyway) and then I will only have the rest of the blocks to complete. Maybe just maybe they will all be done by years end.

IMG_4232 RS11 and BR11

Neither of these triangles were too difficult to construct, just a matter of taking your time and keeping everything all the sections in order, both were paper foundation pieced which makes it fairly simple (just sew along the lines). I do like the triangles that have the border strips, I think it sort of finishes them off.


  1. Both are just beautiful. I'm just now ready to start the bottom row, and looking forward to it.

  2. Both of these triangle blocks are very pretty! Love the fabrics you used for them.

  3. wow, your on a roll! i love the pattern of the light blue one

  4. Anonymous14/7/10 17:40

    Great progress! You are using some beautiful colours.


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