Tuesday, 6 July 2010

J11 – Twin Sister

This was the BOW from the Dear Jane mailing list.  I used the templates from Variation 2 in the DJ software but modified them so I could put the centre square in (I used the template from Variation 1 for the square).  I appliqued the two melons in the centre square.


It looks quite wonky in the picture but in the flesh it is reasonably straight.

IMG_4200 The back of the block


  1. It actually looks pretty good to me in this photo! Very pretty!

  2. Looks good! I don't have the software, so didn't know there was any way to do it other than applique.

  3. It definately looks like one of those tricky blocks to sew.
    Your block turned out great!

  4. Fantastic work, Pip! I didn't think to look in the variations until not too long ago...who would have known that some of them are original designs? Beautiful fabric---you've got me shopping for blues!!
    Happy Quilting,

  5. goodluck with these blocks they are pretty challenging......


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