Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Down to single digits

Just six triangles left to construct now, two on the bottom row and four on the right side row and then it is back to the blocks for me.  Looking at these pictures I am thankful that Jane Stickle (the maker of the original quilt) decided to alternate her pieced triangles with triangles of plain fabric.


LS5, LS12, LS6, BR12, LS10, BR13


LS13, BR3,BR5, BR6, RS13

I have found these triangle tips on the Dear Jane website to be very helpful when making the triangles.


  1. Oh my goodness ~ you are cruising along with those triagles...very nice Pip!

  2. Wow! Single digits! Impressive. Is your internet back to normal yet? It seems that the quicker your internet is, the more impatient you become. It's like a law of the universe or something. I am the same when ours slows down. It doesn't happen often now that our most download crazy kids have left home.

  3. I'm so amazed - you have been SO busy Pip!
    All of these blocks are really intricate and beautiful! You should be very proud of yourself for such an accomplishment!
    I'm proud FOR you ;) congratulations!

  4. Wow they are lovely. I have been working on flying geese and still have the other side to make. Planning to get some DJ done here soon....keep on going your inspiring me:)

  5. Anonymous23/7/10 17:05

    Great work!! I just love the colours.


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