Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Beep, beep, beep ….

was the sound that woke the Mister and I from a deep sleep at 3 o’clock yesterday morning.  The next sounds were grumpy mumblings “what’s that noise” (or words to that effect) “must be your phone” (from me), the Mister then stumbles down to the kitchen in the dark, then calls out to me “it’s the oven” (therefore it is my responsibility), by then I have grabbed my glasses and I blunder down to the kitchen, the said oven is flashing AO  and still beeping  …. having no idea what this means I press clear, it doesn’t (clear that is), so then I press on/off, silence reigns, we both stumble back to the still warm bed and settle back down to sleep ..

We are barely back to sleep when beep, beep, beep… it’s the beeping oven again, this time it is decided that the Mister will go out to the power board and turn the oven off at the mains, this done it is back to the not so warm bed again where we sleep happily till a more civilised time.  It doesn’t end there, once we are up the Mister turns the oven back on, I reset the clock and we start to have breakfast, but now the microwave isn’t working, and the oven starts beeping again, but we still have gas so we can have porridge.  While eating my porridge, I ring customer service (for the oven), the nice man tells me “your oven is too old, you will have to call a technician”, I ring customer service again and press another number, the nice lady makes an appointment for the technician and tells me it will cost me $121 for the callout, oh, and parts will be extra.

As we leave the house to go get the groceries, we notice some workmen from the electricity company working in the street, the Mister stops and asks them what the problem is, “low voltage” they say, we look at each other and think “we’ve just saved ourselves $121”.


  1. Lol! My husband used to sell power conditioning equipment. Until then I thought we received 240 volt power. Not so. We get anywhere from 200 to 280 volts. Some electical equipment can handle that, some can't! Glad you worked it out!

  2. lucky for you! we had our oven repaired - it cost $250. this is the second time we have had to have the element replaced. apparently this is what happens with the newer ovens. i think it's ridiculous - why can't they make the ovens like they used to - there never seemed to be problems with them.
    fortunately this is one of the benefits of renting - we don't have to pay for it.....i'd be pretty mad if i had to though

  3. Funny story! Glad you saved yourself some cash. This happened to my friend once and she rang her husband who was working in Melbourne, during the middle of the night as it just wouldn't stop beeping!


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