Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Winter is here

While the sun was out this morning I had a little stroll around the garden, there is quite a lot of green but not much colour.  We planted this Scaevola albida (aka Fan Flower) about a month ago, I have seen it growing in gardens in our suburb so I’m hopeful that it will thrive, I’ve also seen it in the car park at the Adelaide Airport where I’m quite sure it doesn’t get very much attention at all.  It will be interesting to see how it copes in summer.


Some of the pansies that I planted at the same time, they were the larger ones, usually sold as “Potted Colour” at nurseries.  The colours tone in quite well with the purplish glaze on the pot, sheer luck as there weren’t any flower buds showing when I bought them.


Some of the pansies, this time in a terracotta bowl, which again sets the colours off nicely.  The thin grassy looking leaves are my saffron crocus which I hope will flower this year, last year I planted three bulbs and when I planted the pansies, I could see six bulbs, so fingers crossed for flowers.



  1. beautiful flowers to brighten up your winter!

  2. Very pretty! We are so lucky to have mild winters so that we can still enjoy our gardens!

  3. Beautiful flowers ~ I especially love the pink pansy pictured with the yellow ~ very nice photography and very nice works of nature.


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