Monday, 28 June 2010

this and that

One of my Jams & Preserves entries for the Royal show is: Two products featuring apples.  I’m not totally sure what I will enter just yet, so I have been experimenting a bit, this time I made apple butter.  Never having made apple butter before I’m not exactly sure what it is supposed to be like.  I followed a recipe from this book here and it seems to have worked all right, it does taste really nice, especially slathered on some hot, buttered toast.


The apple butter on toast didn’t really appeal to this basking feline, I think all he was concerned about was whether or not the heater would be turned off any time soon, in which case he would have to move to somewhere warmer (the bed).



  1. I'm sitting here waiting to go make tea, and the bread and apple butter looks yummy.

  2. Dear Cody lounges in warm comfort while his humans enjoy the apple butter!


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