Monday, 7 June 2010

Some finishes

We have some friends visiting at the moment so I am being a sociable host and staying away from the computer while they are here.  However,  I’ve managed to finish two triangles (BR7 Cheryl’s Clown and LS7 Sally’s Steeple) over the last couple of days and which means that I have completed 26 of the 52 triangles required for my quilt, so I’m quite happy about that.



I’ve also finished this block (C5, Eye of the Cyclone) I picked it up again on Saturday and decided that I would finish it, it ended up being a combination of hand piecing, machine piecing and applique, all fiddly, fiddly little pieces, and I am quite pleased to see the end of it.



  1. Love your block and triangles. My blocks are all done, and I'm working through the triangles. I love your colors.

  2. Wondered what you'd been up to - now we know lol
    Each time I see those blue and white blocks I get more eager to see the finished quilt. when do you think that will be?

  3. I'm so enjoying getting to see the blocks as you build and finish them. Each looks incredible.

    Congrats on being 1/2 way through the triangle blocks - I do hope you have celebrated this!

    Sending care and huggles from a quilter's daughter, Michelle xxx

    (Zebbycat is under his battered* comforter once more - another chilly Wgtn southerly arrived. *all his own work, daft darling)

  4. Your triangle blocks look wonderful!
    I am SO impressed with your C5 block! It is one I've been putting off due to difficulty.
    Your's turned out beautiful - Congratulations!



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