Wednesday, 23 June 2010

RS3 is coming together …..

I was not looking forward to putting this triangle together.  I wanted to have nice, sharp diamonds in the block, so I decided that I would foundation paper piece as much as I could, the photo below is how I worked out a way that I would be able to do it …IMG_4075

and here you see the triangle without the centre circle.  I have made a pinwheel block and intend to use that as the inner part of the circle and then applique the melons on, at least that is the plan at the moment,

IMG_4074 it might all turn to custard when I actually go to do it, wish me luck.


  1. That block looks very difficult.
    I like how you are approaching it in small steps.
    Good Luck Pip - wishing you great success!

  2. I'm preparing to do this one as well, and have also spent a bit of time studying it. The only difference I've come up with is to make the center piece, applique the melon pieces only on the inner part, then reverse applique the whole piece to the body of the block. We'll see how it works.

  3. Just how big is this quilt going to be? I can't wait to see it all put together (bet you can't either!). You're a brave woman for tackling it, I reckon.

    Cheers - Joolz

  4. Hello Pip
    I didn't and i'm sure others don't realise just how complicated the making of these blocks (and so the making of this quilt) actually is. No wonder you say it will take forever and a day to finish. As the old fellas used to say - I tips me lid to you lol
    Thanks for the emails, I've only just found them. Haven't spent much time on this machine recently so those things went by the wayside.
    Question - I've been trying to find out how to reply to comments by email, can't fathom it out so could you send me one explaining the process please. I would be very grateful if you did so
    Also the answer to my question to Olive could be found in the comment section of this post<a href=">Listen to the band</a>
    Take care

  5. I do wish you lots of luck with it!!

  6. So complicated! Better you than me I think. Nice work!


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