Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Out and about

On Saturday we took our visitors on what turned out to be a brief trip to the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. We had thought that we would spend a couple of hours or more wandering around, but we didn’t get very far before we happened to notice the blackening skies and decided that it would be better to retreat before we got  soaked.


We did manage to visit the Amazon Waterlily Pavilion, and while the Amazon Waterlily (Victoria amazonica) was not in flower, it was nice and warm in there.  The photo is of one of the young lily pads which can grow to quite a large size, the one pictured was about the size of a dinner plate.


In the end the rain never eventuated but it was definitely better to be warm and dry than cold and wet.


  1. Pip, I love your photography. I especially like the first one with the raindrops hanging on to the twigs.

  2. An amazing picture of the lily pad Pip, and I agree, it's much better to be warm and dry.
    I wish I could work out how to change my header picture to something beautiful ... like yours.

  3. yes, that photo of the rain drops on the twigs is excelent! I love the adelaide botanical gardens so much, what a shame that you couldnt stay as long as you hoped.

  4. Oh, hey. I have a question. I was looking at the picture of the raindrops again, and I noticed little leaf buds. Isn't it autumn in Australia now?????

  5. Beautiful pictures!
    That lily pad is so unusual & wonderful. Too bad you weren't able to stay at the gardens longer.



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