Sunday, 20 June 2010

It’s a wonder that I finished this block


I had just got up to press it before sewing the outer triangles when someone saw the empty chair and decided that it was his chair now.  However, he is nothing if not accommodating and graciously allowed me the corner of the chair so I could finish this block (C13 – Lakota Sioux).


I had a spare hour late yesterday afternoon and decided that I was going to make and finish a block on my DJ, the winter light is so dull in the afternoon that I wasn’t sure if the contrast colour choice would be right, but I’m still happy with it in the daylight this morning.  Three more to go on Row C so you know what I’m doing today.


  1. Cody cat looks like he is daring you to hunt him off his Throne !

  2. It certainly is very pretty. Wish I was patient enough, or precise enough to quilt at that level but I don't think it's really in me.

    Kind Regards

  3. It's a pretty block and the contrast is just right.

  4. i realy like this one! Laughing at the thought of you trying to sit on a tiny corner of your chair after your cat stole it, yes i think all us cat owners have been there!

  5. And doesn't Cody look pleased with himself. Still, its better he sits on your chair than on the new block.

  6. Hope you got lots of blocks done today!

  7. Olive - you would be right, it's a case of "make me get off and you will pay for it", sometimes I have removed him and he just comes straight back.

    Belinda - I don't think I am that patient or precise, I just take my time, and I haven't made many quilts, this is quite a steep learning curve for me.

    Karen - I think most cat owners are quite accommodating when it comes to their cats. The words servant or slave spring to my mind.

  8. What a pretty block, I love it!


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